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Discover the Top Secrets High-Performing Executives Need to Supercharge Mental Performance
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REALLY thinking clearly to make THE big decisions for your company?
Are colleagues constantly surpassing, not just in energy, but most importantly in career advancements?
Facts that MUST be owned:
  • Most are performing at a fraction of their potential.
  • Potential is linked to the brain.
  • Executives are high performers.
  • ​And right now, most executives are massively underperforming.
  • ​Most executives have not unlocked the full potential of their brain.
In this FREE training discover:
  • IF exercise is helping the brain, because there's a lot of misinformation out there regarding this.
  • IF supplements are a MUST -- there's a lot of hype out there with big ticket ($$$) supplements -- get the facts. 
  • IF the Pomodoro is all one needs for improved productivity -- and if this concept is unknown, then think about any productivity app promising outcomes that is somehow correlated to mental performance.
  • ​And more!
About your host
Dr. Bartlett is a Board Certified Family Physician, acting as a Brain Performance Coach, who is also a fellow entrepreneur, running 3 companies, who after years of really getting to know her patients in her (ground breaking) Direct Primary Care practice, started to realize something was awry.

With that familiarity of her clients, she encountered vague complaints that were truly career and life disrupting to them that routine allopathic medical training did not address.

And with that, she spent evenings researching for a solid 2 months in 2017, and continues to this day to build on her expertise. She continues to constantly educate herself to this day.

Vague complaints of poor concentration, daily fatigue, mental exhaustion, and difficulty focusing -- these can all be career shattering, but nothing prepared her to actually MAKE AN IMPACT, until she did her own literature research, and pieced together a chain of metabolic events that will derail even the best intentioned, most wealthy, or even the most up to date individual on topics such as "healthy", "organic", supplements, nootropics, and exercise methodologies. 

She discovered how we are metabolically sabotaged. And she understood the impact this has on her high performing patients, and for herself. 

She's offering her expertise as a health coach outside of her private practice at the encouragement of her patients, who thought this needed to be shared, and to not be only exclusive to her private practice. 

So she heeded their advice and input, and started to work on this -- to help those outside her private practice by acting as a brain performance health coach.

For this reason, she practices what she preaches. 

She's ready to help. Many need to know they can have brain performance breakthroughs -- which ALSO impacts their overall health. This is CLUTCH.

Many have complained to their doctor that they didn't feel right, brain fog, or just fuzzy, or groggy... without explanation, if this sounds familiar then listen to what Dr. Bartlett has to say.

Get the REAL ANSWERS to improve the ability to focus for longer & deeper periods of time.
Discover the top secrets all high-performing executives need to supercharge mental performance through clarity and focus.
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